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ENS Entry summary declaration


Entry summary declaration (ENS) is a must for all businesses transporting goods from Great Britain to European Union. The document holds safety and security information about the cargo. If you wish to know more about the ENS, read on - Bright Customs Broker UK not only gives the basic information but also the necessary know-how.


Do I always need the ENS Declaration to transport goods?

In principal, you need an ENS Declaration when you transport your goods from the UK to EU. If your goods travel in opposite direction from the EU to Great Britain, you will not need the Entry Summary Declaration (it may change soon though). Furthermore, according to the current regulations, you will not need the ENS if your goods are carried under certain circumstances. For example, if they are letters, postcards, printed materials, electrical energy, or if they enter by pipeline.


How To Submit ENS Declaration?

To generate the document on your own, firstly, the business must be register with the relevant government gateway. Then, several additional documents must be submitted. These include:

Bright Customs - Generate Your Entry Summary Declaration In The Easiest Way

ENS declaration submission might seem like a daunting task, especially if you do not do it daily. It does not help that the government plans to implement a new regime at the end of 2023 regarding safety and security declaration requirements for EU imports to Great Britain. Luckily, we are here to help. Bright Customs UK is always up to date with all the requirements and legislation and will gladly take over your responsibilities connected with the submission of the ENS. Give us a call or drop an email to find out whether you need the ENS and how to submit it effortlessly with our help.

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