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Do you feel lost every time you hear the words customs clearance? Is the process complicated enough to give you a headache? Fear no more. Bright Customs is here to give you a hand.
No matter if you are a large-volume importer or an individual who needs help with complicated customs clearance processes, Bright Customs is on it!

UK/EU Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance is an advanced process of declaring goods to Customs Authorities while crossing the national border. With sparse exceptions, almost all goods shipped to or from the United Kingdom must be declared to both UK Customs and adequate authority at the other end of the shipping process.

The clearance of goods and possible tax declaration (VAT, duty, excise) is a complex operation that requires technical ability and access to the HMRC customs gateway (CDS), knowledge, experience, and skills. All of that is needed to avoid costly delays at the border, errors, or miscalculations of taxes.

Luckily, Bright Customs knows all the ins and outs of custom clearance procedures. Our comprehensive service includes numerous activities that make our clients' goods go through customs clearance effortlessly.


Bright Customs handles the clearance of numerous goods, - for:

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Bright Customs has an invaluable experience in the export and import of goods. Our friendly team gathers all the necessary documentation and takes care of all the formalities for you. We make the intricate processes simple because this is what they should be!

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